Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Henry and his friend Benjamin are the bravest firemen on the block. The fire bell sounds, they gear up and off they go, breaking down doors, putting out fires, and saving the cats. Nothing will stop them. We turned Todd's dry-ice bubbles tool into a hose and water tank. The boys love it. Each takes a turn carrying the water tank, and the hose. Together, they're a great team.

Sometimes they work so hard and work up such an appetite that they can't help but get into a little bit of mischief.

The boys had been "working hard" outside on the playground, and it was getting cold so we came inside and the house smelled so good--Todd had made some homemade bread and it was cooling on the rack. While the boys took off their gear I hurried upstairs to get Theodore's blanket and when I came downstairs I found both boys with the loaf in hand, and their mouths full of bread. Before I could say anything, they exclaimed with smiles, "It smelled sooooooooo good. Mmmm. We want to eat it!" I couldn't blame them.

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Alysa said...

SOOO CUTE! Thanks for posting this, Rachel! You guys are such fun friends!<3