Monday, February 13, 2012

Funny Freestones

Theo climbed up into Pop's chair and was resting his head on the pillow when Henry hopped up with him.

Acting goofy and choo-chooing their train and Fillmore around I had to take some pictures.

Theo's drenched! I didn't realize how drooly he was until I looked at these pictures. His mouth was still recovering from his fall (and a few subsequent bangs) and was a little hyperactive in the saliva producing area.

For the rest of them, he was simply a goof ball.

For the last one I thought it'd be cute if Henry had his arm around Theo. As soon has Henry put his arm on Theo's shoulder Theo started to cry.
Maybe he was nervous he'd be thrown to the ground like in one of their wrestling matches.


Emily Savage said...

Cuties!! I'm such a sucker for siblings in matching shirts, especially 2 handsome brothers :). I am loving all these updates lately!

Ashlee said...

Haha! Too cute! Brothers are the best, huh?!?

Rachel said...

I love this! I love drooly little's so hilarious!