Monday, February 6, 2012

Theo's big bonk

Saturday while Todd and I were cleaning the church the boys kept busy poking around with flashlights and playing a piano.
I was vacuuming in the hall and Todd was in the bathroom when I heard Theo screaming and Henry yelling, "He fell! He fell!"
When I found them Theo's face and hands were covered with blood coming from his mouth and nose. Henry said he was on the bench trying to climb up on the piano and fell. Ouch!!
We quickly wrapped things up and headed to the convenient care.
There we found that he did not break his nose and his teeth were secure, but he had cut his lips and the little skin between his upper lip and gums. His cheeks didn't bruise on the outside but the inside of his cheek is blue.
We took these pictures as soon as we got home.

We were trying to make him smile, and it was hard. Oh, the poor guy!
The swelling has reduced a bit today but when he smiles he still looks a bit goofy and I can't help but laugh.

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Emily Savage said...

Poor Theo! Bloody parenting experiences are always traumatizing, even they aren't really a "big deal". I haven't noticed him acting any differently!