Monday, February 6, 2012

Inconsistent but we like it like that

The weather around here has kept things exciting. From sunshine to snow to rain; we've had it all, and it has been fun. We like that it hasn't been too extreme on either end but we like that the variety has sure spiced up our dull January days.

Henry chats with the wee ones like an old timer. Lots of wise advice.

The day we had Lily over it felt like a late March spring day. It was Jan. 6. Couldn't believe it. I think it was like in the 50s? Anyway, we enjoyed it.

Lily's Theo's little friend. She's about a month older than him, but is much smaller. She was born premature--at 30 weeks gestation and was a teensy 1-2 lbs. She's a little miracle baby and we love having her over to play.

Though small she's got a lot of energy and spunk. Theo likes her.

Then . . . about a week later we had lots of snow. Oh, it was so cold and it sure blew.

The boys wanted so much to play in it so we got all bundled up, which took about 15 minutes, and once we were out there they played for 5 minutes and then were begging to go back inside.
It was frigid.
A good five minutes in the freezing cold sure makes one appreciate a well-heated home!
Then we rewarded ourselves with some hot cocoa.
Braving the snow and 17 degree temperature deserves some type of chocolatey reward!

The snow-drifted yard

Attempting snow balls. The snow was too flaky, though, to make good balls. It was good enough to eat, though!


My little snow angels.

What's next?
A tornado?! Knock on wood!!

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