Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

A little while ago, on a particularly windy day, we flew kites. Gifted to us from Todd's sister's family at Christmas time, we had been waiting so long to finally let them fly. These kites are called Frustrationless Fliers, and they were true to their name.

(One of those pictures that didn't quite take on the count of three.)
These frustrationless fliers are neat because you can put whatever design you want on them, and you get to put them together. You can chose the tails, how long and what color. Henry chose to put the Cat in the Hat on his, which he and I drew together, and sporting one long blue tail. Theo chose Elmo (or "Melmo") for his kite, and even insisted on coloring him.

Despite an incredibly windy day, the kites flew! Next time, though, I think we'll choose a milder day. Todd had to rescue Dr. Seuss twice after it blew away into a cornfield.

Running to find a safe spot, where he could get a good view of The Cat in the Hat.

Theo was more entertained by the buses and trains that went by.

A little too windy at this point.

Ahhh, that's better.

Thanks, Nicole and Layne and fam! It was a blast!!
We're hoping to do it again soon with our other fliers--science beaker (Todd's) and to-be-decided-later (Rachel's).

*Sidenote, Todd rode the Madsen while carrying Theo and me in the bucket because of my injured leg. I'll explain later. I have to say it was a sweet ride! Henry did a fantastic job leading the way on his rocket bike.


danette said...

Wow you drew those pictures. You are very good.

Alysa said...

Cool! And I am impressed that you got a ride in the bucket.