Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Little Maroon

Henry started preschool this week! It's called Little Maroons, and it's put on by the high school students as part of their child development class. They have a great program; their teacher is wonderful. Each week has a theme, and the curriculum is mostly play-based. They are allowed to explore different stations and play, and they also have group time and projects, and Henry just loves going.

Yesterday as we got ready for school he requested a bath, to brush his teeth and use mouth wash, and put Axe in his hair. Apparently he wanted to look and smell good. And, so he did. When we drove to school he requested to listen to the Indiana Jones theme song.
Dun da dun duuun, dun da dunnn! . . .
By the time we pulled up to the school he was totally pumped up. He had started shooting webs and calling out, "Spidey senses!". While doing this he unbuckled, hopped out of his seat, and still shooting webs and declaring "spidey senses" he gave me a kiss, hurried an "I love you, Mom!", opened the door and backed out shooting webs at me. He slammed the door, waved goodbye and ran into school.

I am so glad for him! It was pretty surreal dropping of my firstborn off at school, like it was the beginning of the end, but he loves it so much there's hardly any sadness about it all.
Except for Theodore. As soon as Henry slammed the door Theo started crying and bellowing. He loves his big bro and misses him when he's gone. We come home, play for a bit and then Theo goes down for a nap. (Have you wondered why so many posts recently? It's because I have free time!! It's great!)
Henry comes home with a carpool, which he thinks is the bees knees, and is proud to show me what he has made and done at preschool--that is, when he remembers what he did.

I've noticed an increased sense of confidence and independence in him and it makes me so pleased. Onward and upward, my Little Maroon!

I love you!!

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Emily Savage said...

Way to grow up, Henry!! I bet he's just crazy about his new school and learning a TON cause he's just so smart! I hope you're not feeling too lonely at home with your extra free time :) I sure love all the blog posts, though!