Thursday, June 7, 2012

Father and Son Campout

The weekend of Mother's Day the men and boys went out to camp. Todd had planned to take Henry but leave Theo with me.
That was until we were loading up the car and Theo climbed up into the car and into his car seat. Not an easy feat for someone his size and considering the stuff that was loaded on the floor of the car. 
He wanted to go, so off they went, blowing kisses and waves. I had the evening to myself, or partly, and then with my best girls! I went to one of my best friend's houses, joining other best friends, and watched The Scarlet Pimpernel, the 1982, Anthony Andrews, version. 
Loved it. 
Sink me!
I also enjoyed a morning alone. I say enjoyed because I was able to wake up on my own and the house was peace and quiet, but I really did miss my boys and husband. I enjoy life so much more when they're around.
When the boys got home in the morning they were both asleep in their car seats--so tuckered out from a long, fun night. 
Todd reported that Henry enjoyed hanging out with the older boys, pictured above. He followed them around and loved it.
He also paled around with his buddy, Benjamin (below). 
They're such fun little goof balls.
See that boy on the right with the black shirt and camo pants? 
That's Harley. He is 10 and is a pretty awesome kid. 
He caught the biggest fish that night. 

Todd also reported that Theo's dinner consisted of - are you ready? 
That's it? 
Yep. Chips. 
Todd explained that making sure both boys had a good dinner was just too tricky. 
They both just wanted what they wanted, and to run around, and 
who could force them to do otherwise on a Father and Sons campout? 
(Figurative question, but literal answer--I probably could have.)
But those lucky boys were on their own.
Henry's dinner was punch and a half-eaten hotdog (the other half had fallen on the ground). Luckily Henry had the good sense not to eat it. Oh, and don't forget s'mores.
They had a great time together just being boys and just being family.

Getting a good shot . . .

Take your pick.
All are heart-warming to me.


Ashlee said...

Oh those last shots are priceless! Too cute!

Rachel said...

Fun! I want to have a dinner of just chips I totally understand where Theo is coming from :)

Alysa said...

Oh! A picture of Benjamin with Henry! My fave. I told Jacob "take lots of pictures" and he brought me back 5, if I remember right. 3 of Benjamin looking very pink in the red tent. :) So yay!

And I'm so glad you loved the Scarlet Pimpernel! Isn't it just grand?

Alysa said...

Oh wait! Apparently JACOB took those last few pictures! So really he did take more than 5 pictures on the campout, just not with our camera, haha.

Also I love that you answered the figurative question. haha.