Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Preshool Graduate!

Hey! We're back in action. Thankfully! 
First item of business. 
We present to you . . .
Our first preschool graduate!!!

So proud. 
He can't wait for his second year of preschool . . .  

Henry's class.
 I just love all the little faces in this photo. Take a look at each one. Doesn't each put a smile on your face for one reason or another? I particularly love the little one in pink on the front row, super-smiley-adorable Minnie on the far right, Alaster in the top right corner (love the cap half covering his eyes) and of course Henry, raising his eye brows trying not to smile because he's loving all the attention.

After much photo taking we enjoyed a program of songs, finger-plays, and a slideshow. During "Old Mac-Donald Had a Farm" Henry yelled out, "I can't see! I can't see the animals!" The teacher had been holding up pictures of the animals so they'd know what to sing. It was funny. 
After the program each child received their certificate and we all enjoyed CAKE! and punch.

This made Henry and Theo very happy.

Rockin' in his chosen graduation chair because: who doesn't have a graduation chair to pose for pictures in?

Henry was the last to leave, saying goodbye to all his buddies and teacher. He loved his teacher, Ms. Y, and said he loved his buddies, too, though he could not remember one of their names. 
"They're just my buddies. They're all my favorite!" he explained.
Til next year!

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Ashlee said...

There was a graduation chair? I didn't know!

Cute Henry. He's so big! I was looking at old pictures on my blog and came across a post with him a couple of years ago. What a difference!

And I'm glad I got to see your pics! I never saw Aly with his hat like that. Funny!