Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day

Todd is . . . SUPER DAD!

(Pictures courtesy of Henry)

The boys picked out the card like a month ago and were so excited to give it to Todd.
The truth is these boys idolize Todd. He's the dad of all dads. Simply the best. The man who can do it all. He's fun, kind, understanding, geeky, encouraging, loving, creative, just cooler than school (and that's saying a lot coming from Henry).

Todd wasn't eating Sunday morning so we pushed Father's Day breakfast back a day. It was still yummy. We had egg, sausage, cheese, biscuits and orange juice. Just like Micky-D's but homemade--10 times better. For dinner we had three homemade pizzas (BBQ chicken, Buffalo Chicken, and plain cheese--they were SO good), fruit, and root beer.

Todd spoke in church about the family (his inspiration from here), but particularly Heavenly Father and His love for us. The part that touched me the most was, well, there were two parts. The first, Todd talked about God's love for us, and addressed the hard question: 
Why do bad things happen to good people, or why does God let bad things happen to good people?

One of his answers was given in an analogy. Two years ago the Provo tabernacle burned down. This building was loved much by the Provo and surrounding communities. It was used for church meetings, conferences, and concerts. Built in 1883, it stood as a reminder of the sacrifices many made to build it. It was beautiful. Needless to say it was very sad when it burned down. But, a year later, the Prophet of The Church said it would be rebuilt as a temple.

The tabernacle had been burned and was now able to become a temple--the most important and holiest of all church buildings--the House of the Lord. We are like that tabernacle: aging, changing, being tried, tested, and even purified by the refiners fire until we become holy, like Him. And that's one reason God lets bad things happen to us, so we can be made ready to be like Him and live with Him again.

The other part of his talk that I loved was when he talked about his great uncle, Grant. Grant had been married and sealed for time and eternity to his love, Kitty, and then had to serve in war. He was a pilot and shot down many enemy planes. Sadly, he was also lost at war. But, what a joy it is for him and Kitty to now be together again and know that by the power of God they will always be together, and that death cannot separate them. 
God is a loving Heavenly Father. 

I love Father's Day and love celebrating the wonderful dads in my life. My father, my father-in-law, my grandfathers, and my husband. I love them all. 

After church we took a few pictures. Theo fell asleep in the car after an exhausting day in nursery so the little guy's not pictured. Aren't they so handsome?!

Henry was our photographer for these next ones . . .

Henry wasn't quite in the proper mood for picture-taking anymore, but his silly faces are pretty darn cute, too.

Oh, yeah, SURPRISE!

We're having a baby!!
Due Christmas Eve.
Happy Father's Day.


Emily Savage said...

Henry is a budding photographist! (that's what we call my sister, who happens to be a professional photographer :) ) What a cute way to announce your pregnancy. Can't wait to see more maternity pics on the blog!

mildred said...

Tell Henry I want to see more of his photos ;) You look darling, Rach.

Brittney Richards said...

What a handsome photographer. Congratulations on the next baby. Christmas Eve - do you hope it comes on time? One day late? Early?

Taylor and Aleni said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful talk. Congratulations on baby #3!