Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pizza in the Park

A few weeks ago we made dinner a special occasion and picked up some pizza and ate it in the park. We had rootbeer, pizza, breadsticks, and to top it all off, we walked from the park to Jarlings for frozen custard. 
Talk about delicious (though not so nutritious).

We loved watching the boys chase squirrels, birds, and wrestle around in the grass after dinner. 
It was just what these little boys need. 
And I loved not having to clean up a kitchen.

Jarlings was delicious. The best part, though, was Henry learning Bye Bye Bye by N'SYNC, and finding the lyrics and dance moves hilarious. 
The song was being played over the intercom and, like Henry always does, he was jamming out. I joined in and taught him some of the dance moves--subtly of course, I didn't want to totally embarrass him--and he caught on and thought it was so fun.

I could tell he thought I was pretty awesome--knowing this pop song's dance moves and all, and teaching them to him . . . 
but I could also tell that once he caught on he kind of didn't want me to do the moves anymore.
It was his deal.
And I think it did embarrass him to have me jamming out with him. 
Oh, I'm so a mom now. Gotta love it.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the night:

 Trying to get a close-up of them is pretty much impossible. They're always grabbing at the camera. 

 I ran away to--hopefully--get a few good shots. They ran after me in their usual way. That is, Theo runs and giggles, Henry comes up behind him and knocks him down with his tummy, like a sumo-wrestler.

  Theo falls to the ground laughing hysterically and Henry feels triumphant.

  Theo cheeses it. 

And Henry imitates Theo's "cheese".

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Rachel said...

Love those cheesers :)