Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend with the Whipples

A few weeks ago we had our dear friends, the Whipples, over. Though they moved away months ago Devin came back for graduation. We loved having them. We played games, had a BBQ with friends, and . . . 
we made them work. 
Saturday morning Todd and I had planned to clean up our garden--pull all the weeds, put down wood chips to prevent more weeds in between the boxes, and plant the rest of our seeds--and since they were in town we took advantage of the extra hands. 
Devin labored in the garden with Todd and I while Heather tended the kiddos and rode around in the bucket bike. 
In a way I felt like an awful hostess, but the work had to be done and it was much more fun with friends!
So, we really appreciated their help. 
When the job was done, a few hours later, we cooled off inside, ate lunch and headed out to . . . 


We believe a trip to C-U is incomplete without a trip to Jarlings, as well as a long day in the garden, so we treated the gang to some yummy frozen custard in all varieties. 
We loved spending time with the Whipples and catching up.

Just yesterday Henry randomly said, "I miss Kailey" and when I asked him why he said, "Because she tickles me! She's so fun." 

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Bruce Richards said...

You should come visit the Whipples in Wilmington and the Richards in Philadelphia.