Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Chipmunks In Indy

This year for Memorial Day weekend (and my birthday) we made a trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The boys loved exploring the different exhibits.
Henry (pretending to be Simon the Chipmunk--which he maintained all day) and Theodore (anxious to get out and play)

Simon and Theodore's first order of business: Excavating fossils

Second: Playing with dinosaurs

 Third: Pretending to be dinosaurs

Fourth: Being a couch potato (and watching goofy people on a screen demonstrate how to be "active".
Who is that handsome man standing in the background?

Fifth: Working the ball machine

Sixth: Posing at the cardboard cut outs of Terracotta soldiers.
I think their faces in these photos are my favorite of the day.

Seventh: Checking out all the cool Lego displays and building with Legos (not pictured)

Eighth: Race around with and in Hot Wheels! 
(This room was a mad house of excited kids and lots and lots of cars. These chipmunks loved it.)

Ninth: Exploring trains and tunnels
Tenth: Hugging the Museum mascot goodbye. 
Henry, I mean, Simon, was an immediate fan.
Too bad the dinosaur ate him. 
Just kidding.

To get people out of the museum as fast as possible they have everyone gather for a parade (a.k.a. a mass exodus). What a brilliant idea, no? Too bad it ended in the gift shop with already tired parents having to say No to expensive goods. That life-size brain with all the parts included will just have to wait, my little Simon.

We then drove to Downtown Indianapolis (pretty sweet in some parts, sketchy in others) and ate at an Old Spaghetti Factory and we got to sit in the Trolly! 
It was awesome. All in all, a good, fun family day.

P.S. There's SO much to do at this museum, you'll never see it all in one day.
Hope you enjoyed the pics.
Have a great night!


Emily Savage said...

I am a new big fan of children's museums! Looks like the one in Indy is pretty awesome. We'll definitely make a trip over there soon. Thanks for the tip! p.s. I absolutely LOVE Henry's glasses in these pictures! What a funny and CUTE boy!

srbushman said...

I love Henry's glasses! Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to see you in a few days!!!

Bonnie said...

I can't believe we live an hour south of Indy and have never been to the children's museum. Looks like I'll have to remedy that.

Oh and by the way I follow your blog. I never know the etiquette on how to let someone know you read all about their life on the internet. Your boys are so cute!

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