Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trip to UT #1: Dress up, Museum time, and Timpanogos Falls Hike

 Hi All!
This is our first stint of photos and stories from our 15-day trip to Utah!

Our first few days were spent in Provo--Cougar-town--as we call it.
The cousins were giddy to finally play together and we let them have at it.
They tore grandma's basement apart pulling out dress-ups, kitchen toys, watching shows, wrestling, and my boys particularly loved the old Fisher Price choo-choo train and school bus and little people. I'm so glad my mom kept my old toys!
My sister's son, Cannon the cowboy, Henry the ringer, and Brooklyn, Sarah's youngest, and Grandpa

  The two "bad guys" show me their moves.

We made a trip to the Natural History Museum of UT and it was exciting.
We saw dinosaur fossils, animal skulls, ant tunnels, Native American artifacts, bugs, weather and natural disaster exhibits, and more. 
The children loved exploring.
Henry loved pretending to be a velociraptor (third picture down).
See those pouty raptor lips and talons?
My sibling's kiddos: Joshua, Brooklyn, Marysa, and Brenna
And, Henry and Theo with their cousin, Eli, hanging on in the huge dino tracks.

Living in Illinois I almost forgot how gorgeous and majestic the mountains are. Hiking was a must. One morning we packed up the kids and BYU donuts, and hiked up to Timpanogos falls up by Sundance. The hike was beautiful, the air refreshing and it was especially exciting when we saw a snake scurry away from the trail as we approached.
After the hike we enjoyed our donuts and Todd the Great put on a magic show with his special assistants. 
Check it out. 

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