Friday, August 24, 2012

Big Fans

  A few mornings ago we were eating at the breakfast table and Henry asked if I liked the flowers Daddy brought home for me. I told him I loved them and that it was so sweet of Daddy to get them for me. Henry remembered how he had picked some little white flowers the day before and wondered if I thought he was sweet, too. I assured him I did. 
As the conversation prompted, Todd started sing I Often Go Walking. (Almost any situation inspires a song around here.) Todd sang it in his most beautiful voice, and ended with a big finish. You know his kind: repeating the last phrase a few times with the final one held out extra long. If you haven't heard him sing before you should ask him to for you. He's great.
Anyway, the song was over and it was silent . . . for about two seconds and suddenly
Henry started pumping his fists in the air while chanting, Todd! Todd! Todd! Todd! 
Theo joined in and both Todd and I just started laughing so hard. Todd said in his performer voice, Thank you, thank you! And motioned for his fans to simmer down.
It was hilarious.
The hilarity of it all was that the boys were finally conditioned! 
For about 4 years now Todd has finished his in-house ballads by chanting for himself, Todd! Todd! Todd! 
(I think he was a rock star in another life.)
After all these years Henry has caught on and it was him, not Todd, who was raising the roof. 
It was all so darling. The boys thought it was so fun and now, Todd has his fan club.
Aren't they a cute pair?


Holly and Daric said...

Cute story :)

Alysa said...

Ahahahaha! That is Awesome! Todd! Todd!