Friday, October 26, 2012

Little Brave Sambo

I have a dear friend, Ashton. We've been friends since second grade, and we loved each other so much we--and 5 of our other girl friends (we called ourselves "the fatties") lived together in college. She's the truest of true friends and I love her. We've seen each other grow up, get married and are now are having babies of our own. 

I'd like to introduce her and her family to you.

Ashton and her husband, Stephen, have the most darling little boys, Sam and Lars.

They are creative, brilliant, stylish, funny, Shins fans, beautiful, sweet, hard-working, and . . . brave. If you've "met them" you've seen that both Sam and Lars have a rare genetic disease, cystinosis. For Sam's 3rd birthday Ashton created a non-profit organization in his name, Sam's Hope for a Cure. 

I'm sharing their story with you to help create awareness. And, if you have the means and are looking for a good cause, I believe they are one. 

Much love to you, Jenkins family!


Rachel said...

Go team Jenkins!

mildred said...

Thank you so much, Rachel! You are such a good friend.