Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trip to UT #5: Freestone time

In case you've forgotten who my in-laws are, might I remind you:
 Love them.

Favorite memories of our Freestone time:

Sling shots, soda cans and Fat Boys

Driving "bumbeebee" and rides on Bubby's scooter

A trip to Park City, just me and the Mr. 
We ate well, toured an art gallery, played Frisbee golf on the mountainside and shopped around SLC's City Creek Center. Our time together was priceless!

Bubble making and Skeeter races

Cousin love

and finally, dinners, jokes, and late night Sequence games (not pictured--you don't want to see me late at night). 

We hated to leave, but had much packing to get started on back home, and were anxious to do so! 

 (Gorgeous, yes?)

Thanks to the upcoming arrival of baby Mabel, we've now moved up to a three-bedroom town home, and we love it.
Pictures to come.


Catherine Cromar said...

Yeah, I've been waiting to see what you've done with the place...though I'm guessing it's not hard to imagine. Unless, you bought new stuff, which would be exciting.

Rachel said...

Congrats on the move! Can't wait to see photos of baby Mabel!

JaNae said...

That is all so exciting!!!