Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 weeks and 2 days

When Mabel turned two weeks and two days old the weather was perfect. I was feeling great.
We were itching to get out, and the bike in the backyard was calling our names. 
So, we packed up PBJs, PBHs, apples and Gatorade, and ventured out.
We all got strapped in, boys in the back and Mabel in her carseat buckled to a bench. We were all secure.
The ride to the park was a breeze. The cool wind, the sunshine, and the fresh air were wonderful. But . . . 
Someone should have told me that riding a bike two weeks after delivering a baby is not a good idea. I guess if I had any common sense I would have known . . . but I probably wouldn't have listened anyway.
We picnicked and climbed and ran and breathed and enjoyed the space for a couple of hours. 

The ride BACK wasn't as QUITE a breeze as the ride there, but it was pretty enjoyable.

The evening was gloomy, misty, but again we ventured out. We packed up the fam and headed for Busey Woods. We strolled around in the misty rain, got a little spooked by the cemetery, and felt ever grateful for our health and the beautiful world we live in. 

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Crys said...

It is hard to slow down when you have kids :-)