Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Decisions decisions

It took us one month to choose a plane ticket for our upcoming trip to California.
We're super excited, by the way, for this trip, and even more excited now that we have our flight decided.
We both started out as nerds and two hours later one of us became a non-nerd. The true nerd held the helm and a month later . . . we have our tickets. 
Though this was a very frustrating purchase I love my nerd.
I'm just glad that I'm not a plane ticket or we probably would have never married.
 Just teasing, honey.

Found this HERE.


Emily Savage said...

haha!! So true! The key is to be nerds in complimentary ways. I have also given up my "nerdliness" about flights so that Jeff can finally make a decision. Have fun in California!!!!!

sarah e. said...

Mike is more a nerd about flights, so I just leave the whole process to him...why waste both our time?

Enjoy Cali! :)