Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mabel's Blessing

On February 24th Mabel Lorraine Freestone was blessed. 
It was so wonderful to have family and friends gather to celebrate this occasion with us!

When Todd began the blessing 
he gave her her name and immediately after she cooed and then was quiet for the rest of the blessing.
The men in the circle commented to us after that it felt like she was confirming that, Yes, that's who she is, and she is content.
He continued on with a sweet and powerful blessing. I remember him talking about Mabel being a light to others, and that she would be a rock in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
I'm excited to be her mother and find out who she is! 
I know she came to earth with divine qualities and I know she'll be a blessing to us.

We were lucky to have Todd's parents stay with us for the week before the blessing. We went swimming, played games, and ate good food.

 Mabel with Mim on her blessing day

They also helped us find a table to replace our tipsy round one. Thanks, Mim and Bub!

We sure missed my parents who are serving a mission in Guatemala and had to miss it. 
We love you, too! We look forward to seeing you again in 16 months!!
You can find information about their mission HERE and HERE and HERE.


Mabel is really loved around here. The boys continue to dote over her. She's quite used to them being in her face. I think she likes it. 

She doesn't like when others are in her face, however. When we were shopping in the store the other day and strangers got in her face to adore her she popped like a firecracker. Her face turned bright red and she screamed at the top of her lungs until the adorer was out of sight.
Because she wouldn't shop in her car seat I had to carry her through the store and this firecracker thing happened a handful of times. It was quite funny. 
I'm surprised that at 3 months she would react that way, but I think she's already on guard with stranger danger. You go girl.
It's fun now that she's awake more we are seeing her personality coming out.


Rachel said...

She's perfect, Rach!

Meagan said...

She is so cute! I didn't know your parents are on a mission in Guatemala. Matt's parents are in the temple presidency at the Guatemala City temple! We just went and visited them there. Where are your parents serving?

Rachel and Todd said...

Hi Meagan! They're right there in Guatemala city. They are the new medical advisors for the Guatemala city mission. They arrived at the end of January. I'll have to tell my mom our connection. She'd be excited to know. :)

Meagan said...

That is so awesome! Amazing how small the world becomes with the church :)