Friday, March 29, 2013

Randoms of my silly boys

Everyday I'm invited into the wonderful world of my boys. 
It's always an adventure, and always a joy.
For the past few weeks we've been cooped up because of the freezing weather. 
This is what we've done. 

Pretended . . .
Henry is Spongebob Squarepants

Theo is the statue of liberty (he came up with this one all on his own)


They went sledding many times with Todd and our neighbors, Jeff and Eva. 
We love having a hill in our front yard, and neighbors to share it with.
I got to watch from inside while Mabel and I stayed warm and cozy.
 After a morning of sledding Theo finished up his oatmeal. He didn't seem to mind he was without a chair. I've learned to let his breakfast sit a while because he always comes around for second breakfast. He's my little hobbit.
This is the result of a morning of sledding, snowball fights, and a tummy filled with hot chocolate: crazy Henry!

Played Pictionary!
When both Mabel and Theo sleep I get one on one time with Henry. I love this time! 
Sometimes we read. Sometimes we paint or do dance parties. Sometimes we make cookies. Or, sometimes he plays with his toys (or watches a show--ahem) while I blog or do Primary stuff. One of our favorite things to do together is color and draw. Our favorite coloring games is pictionary.
When we play we draw our pictures bit by bit and with each stroke or so we make a guess at what it is. We see how few guesses we can make. Finally there's enough to the picture that it's plain to see.
 Henry's tiger

Henry's bat in the night (he didn't want me to take a picture of this one so he's frantically erasing it). 
I captured most of it though. Ha ha ha!

 Here's his firetruck putting out a fire on a skyscraper.

 The firefighter in the cab, up close. Sorry it's rotated. :) And so is that smile. ;)

 Sometimes he draws two-handed.

 The firefighter on the top of the ladder putting out the flames.

 And, the finished product.


Gotten Muddy.

 And messy.
 Awww, my little drunken sailor. That was quite the chocolate ice cream cone!

Cage time.
Another favorite past-time is hiding in the "TV table" as we call it. They boys pretended to be lion cubs in their cages. Henry likes to pretend they are going to bed for the night and I'm the tooth fairy who comes bearing gifts (their toys) in exchange for their teeth (our markers). 
 He hasn't lost any teeth yet, but I guess we like to practice.
Henry's not quite amused at my taking pictures. He just WANTS TOYS!

More random postings to come . . . but right now I've gotta go rescue Mabel. She's in tears!


Emily Savage said...

I laughed at loud at several of these pictures! The more I get to know your boys the more I love them (and Mabel, of course). The Statue of Liberty picture... what a classic! And Henry's detailed pictures. Wow.

Love having you guys as our neighbors!

Rachel and Todd said...

We love you, Emily!! I feel so lucky to have such a fun, talented, giving (this list could go on forever!) friend and neighbor next door.