Monday, April 8, 2013


After I tucked the kids into bed last Thursday I realized Henry and I hadn't gone through his backpack after school. Thursday's the day he brings home most projects from the week so I was curious to see what was inside. 
When I opened it up I found:
Mabel the Whale--he checked this out during library time
and his popcorn lamb. 
I loved this because A) He was thinking about his little sister at school and chose to check out a book that reminded him of her, and B) His artistic interest. He carefully colored in the hooves, ears, nose, and added extra clouds and a sun. 

He explained to me the next morning that sometimes he's not sure which way to write, left to right or right to left (see his name). I've found that if he goes right to left his letters are always backward, and if he goes left to right his letters are always the right way. At least he's consistent there! I'm not sure if this has to do with his left-handedness/ambidextrous-ness, or what, but I think it's cute, and kind of impressive. He writes better backwards than I do!


Emily Savage said...

writing backwards is a very difficult thing to do! One of the books I read this semester talks about how Leonardo DaVinci would write upside down and backwards in his journal and that it is one of the things that made him a super genius and an amazing artist. I think the odds are in Henry's favor on the genius and artist part ;)

srbushman said...

I love this! Love the little lamb picture, and his name. I work with about 20 4-5 yr old kids every week and I've never seen that! Very impressive! (I agree with Emily, its a genius thing!)

Rachel and Todd said...

Thanks. I think Henry's quite special, too. :)

Aubrey said...

Jed and I are both in awe over Henry's name being backwards- that's so neat! And I "third" it, he's a genius!