Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Everyday I thank Heavenly Father for blessing me with beautiful, healthy children. 

In partnership with God, I feel, it is my purpose to bring to pass the
mortality and earthly life 
of my children.
Some days can be challenging -- it's my work --
But it's also my glory.

 A sweet slumber

Long time friends, can you tell I'm aging?? (Sure, this is a no make-up day, but still!)
Those wrinkles, those smile lines, those freckles.
You know? I think aging is actually quite great. All those marks indicate a life being lived. 
Although they might not be "pretty", I like them. 
 . . . At least for now.

 Our dear friend, Emily A., reads a book to the sweeties at our Æbleskiver party.

Wonderful children, you bring me joy!


Rachel said...

You look amazing, Rach! I, on the other hand, can no longer find my "college face" hidden in my current face. Blech. Getting old is the worst.

Erin said...

Love the thought of "mortality and earthly life" for our children being our glory. So true. I think you look awesome and your children are beautiful!