Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet cheeks

Smooch! Pat, pat, pat.

 Mabel enjoying her favorite book: Global Babies. She loves this book. I know she loves it because I read it to her over and over and she doesn't get fussy. She usually gets fussy or distracted when I read other books, but not this one. She stares at the pages and smiles and kicks her feet. I love babies, too, Mabes.

 I have to do This Little Piggy whenever she wears this one. 
She doesn't quite get being tickled yet. I don't know if she's not ticklish, or if she's just not old enough to be ticklish. She just gets a concerned look on her face whenever I tickle her. So, I give her kisses and that brings her smile back.

 "Look at those Freestone eyes!" Is one remark we get from many friends. Yep, she's got 'em. They are beautiful (if I do say so myself)! 

 Mabel and Daddy. 
Nothing's handsomer than your husband holding your babes!

 The kids on St. Patrick's Day. 
Somehow I didn't get Easter pictures, but St. Patrick's day is just as good, right? These two were the best I could get of these sweet, wiggly kiddos. Try saying that 10 times fast!


Ashlee said...

Too many cute pictures to choose a favorite! Maybe the first one?!? And the last 2??

And you're right, nothing is more handsome than when your hubby loves your babe! Heck, even seeing Corey hold another person's child is wonderful! He was so sweet with Mabel the other night!

He's always been so sweet with our baby boys, but somehow seeing him with Mabel was different. I could get used to seeing him with a baby girl I think...

Rachel said...

She is so sweet! And I love your hair in braids like looks amazing.

Meg Morley Walter said...

Gah! She's so cute!

Michael and Anita said...

Love the pics--what an adorable little girly! :)

Rachel and Todd said...

Thanks, friends!

Ashlee, I think a baby girl--perhaps a Burton baby girl--would look incredibly cute on Corey's chest.

Will there have to be much convincing?