Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hen and Ben, Ben and Hen

So, you know these guys:
Hen and Ben.
They're pretty incredible.
And funny.
And inseparable.

Just the other day my friend Ashlee texted me, asking if I had some Worcestershire sauce she could borrow. Well, I was busy nursing Mabel, so I had to call on the incredible, Hen and Ben. They were up for the task. They went to the kitchen and found the bottle in the fridge, carefully and quickly ran it around the corner to my friend's, and returned without a problem. They replaced the bottle in the fridge and went back to playing. 
Now I could get used to this!

They even helped me clear my garden of weeds, rocks, and they also helped smooth the dirt out. They worked for about 1 hour, fitting in a Mario Bros. break in the middle, and earned a whopping $.50 each. They were stoked.

They're creative energizer-bunnies. One, Hen or Ben, depending on the day, encourages the other to think deeper, explore more, and often . . . get crazy.

I've never seen children pretend to be Mario and Luigi (and jealous I never thought of it), but since these boys have gotten into Super Mario Brothers, they've added it to their repertoire of pretend. They'll play Super Mario Bros. on Wii for 30-40 minutes (getting some good ideas), then go outside and hop and buzz around (their Mario run is pretty hilarious, I'm sure you can imagine), pretending to bonk question mark boxes with their heads, squash "bad guys" or shoot fire and ice balls. Their quest? Save the princess and her birthday cake (even though they "hate" the princess).

Oh, boys.

They also like to kick back and read sometimes, or talk about fractions and the way toilets work and which super power or Mario power is the best power to have.

I could go on and on, but all in all, we love Benjamin, and we love Henry, and they are so much fun to have around.
Enjoy some pictures of his incredible duo:

 Testing the switches on a fire truck at "Touch a Truck" day in Champaign

Rockin' the tow truck

And the digger

When I said, "Say cheese!" they both said, "No, say YUM!"

Yay for yard work!

Long live the incredible duo!

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