Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pre-school Graduation!

It's official! After his second year of preschool he has finally graduated. Just kidding. But, yes, he really did graduate. We loved the ceremony. 

The kids doing some finger-plays
Henry got super silly just as I started filming their "Wheels on the Bus" song. It was funny. See the video below.

One of my favorite memories was watching Henry when Mrs. Y called out his name and gave him his certificate and shirt. His eyes got real big and he stuck out his tongue two times really quickly. And then he smiled shyly. To me it said, "Whoa, that's so cool to hear my name read out loud and everyone cheer!" He was so cute.

Right before she called his name . . . 

 And right after. He's got that little tongue out!

Everyone enjoyed cake and punch and Henry's favorite "buddy" Raquel gave him a special goodie bag. She had an extra and gave it to Theo. The boys felt so special.

 Henry and Raquel
 And Mrs. Y. 
She was a fantastic preschool teacher, and we're sad Theo won't be able to have her as a teacher! Her husband, a principal, found a position in the town her aging parents live. She'll be taking care of them.

It was raining and we dodged puddles on the way out.

Afterward we met Todd on campus for a celebratory lunch at Pot Belly's. During the lunch Henry sat as happy as could be as he feasted on his Hammie and Oreo milkshake. Todd left momentarily to add coins to the meter where our car was parked (and discovered that we had parked backwards on a one-way street--oops). 

While Todd was gone I started to feed Mabel (because she was hungry) and Theo stood up on his chair yelling about not wanting to eat his lunch. Mind you, this is on campus with lots of 18-25 year old childless people/students. All the students around us were giggling and pointing at how cute he was. And I was kind of stuck. All my convincing could not get him to sit down and be quiet and eat. his. lunch. The people around us just smiled as if it was the cutest thing. 

And, I guess it was.
 Oh, and yes, he is sporting a mustache.


Emily Savage said...

I laughed out loud at that last experience! I have been there before -- when the strangers around you think your disobedient child is the cutest thing in the planet while your'e going crazy.

Congrats, Henry. You're awesome!!

Rachel said...

They are growing up too fast! I can't believe how old they're looking.