Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Date Night to Sesame Street

At the end of April we went out on the town for a family date (minus Mabel). We saw Sesame Street live. It was basically Sesame Street on Broadway. Singing, dancing, lights, drama, monsters and a music teacher. It was awesome. I think my favorite part was when Bert came out dressed in a white tux and danced to Rockin' Robin and a disco song--can't remember which one.
The boys loved it. We LOVED it. It was a blast. 

We picked up Todd from campus and while we waited for him I put on my make up, then let the boys pretend to drive but they actually wanted to pretend to put on make up . . .

We ate a lovely dinner at Wendy's (see more of a description at the end of this post) and headed to the basketball arena, aka, the parachute.

 We enjoyed the show:

And the boys crashed on the way home. All exhausted from an evening of fun.
Todd had to return to campus to finish up some lab work so I carried three sleeping babies into the house and tucked them in bed. 
I tell ya, Todd's one hard worker, and never complains.
What a guy.

Me on the other hand . . . 
Before the concert we dined at Wendy's. (I love their apple, nut, blue cheese salad, and we ALL love their frosties, no doubt.) There's a new Wendy's right on campus and it's two stories. Pretty cool.
It was delicious and quite a treat, but it was there that I decided that going out to eat is not easier than eating at home. 
I never thought eating at home would be easier than eating out. But it is, at least for now. 
Taking three young children out to eat is not a walk in the park.
For me:
Eating out with two or less children = no food prep, no dishes to wash, paper menus and crayons, fun, fun, and fun.
Eating out with three or more (young) children (at a fast food place) = complicated orders (children can be picky); remembering to grab all the required utensils, napkins, straws, ketchups for everyone, and high chairs or boosters; trying to keep your kids focused on eating and not on the TVs or other guests; eating your own food while nursing and keeping other little hands out of your food; cleaning up spills, wrappers, faces, hands, and clothes; and then knowing that you'll have to feed them a second dinner or before-bed snack of "normal food" when you get home because restaurant food is just too weird. Kinda defeats the purpose, right?

Home is where the heart is
And where the stomach is.

I'm glad the evening ended on a high note with awesome performances by the furry and friendly Sesame Street monsters, and cuddling with my fam.

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