Monday, August 12, 2013

Henry's 5!!

For Henry's birthday we saw Monster's U as a family. Amazingly the whole family stayed in the theater, in our seats, the whole time! We loved the movie. We shared a large tub of popcorn and a large Sprite. That's why when we came home to eat dinner the boys could only eat rice, and carrots and humus.

But, of course we had room for cake!

Henry requested, with maybe a little influence from me, a mint chocolate cake. This boy has loved mint since he was a little kid (like 18 months old) and I've been wanting to practice replicating a mint chocolate cake that my family used to order special on birthdays from Leslie's French Pastries in Holladay (click here if you want a mouth-watering video). His only request, no raspberry filling, please.

It turned out pretty good!

People always say this, but I'll say it, too. I can't believe my baby is 5!!
When I look at him I see this, and this, and this, and wonder where the time has gone.
He's such a fantastic kid. 

Turning five means a lot to Henry. He's been looking forward to this day for a LONG time. He knew 5 meant California and Disneyland (my next post), going to kindergarten, and getting to play around the village on his own (this one has made me a bit nervous, but he has done pretty well with his new-found independence!).

Currently these are Henry's favorites.
Favorite games: Mario Kart Wii, Chess, and Corridor
Wants to be when he grows up: construction worker, fireman, and an astronaut
Favorite book: The Way We Work by David Macaulay
Favorite movie: Star Wars (though he's only watched part and that was when he was 2)
Favorite vacation: Disneyland
Favorite animal: a bull
Favorite activity: riding his bike and swimming
Favorite food: rice and daal
Favorite dessert: brownies
Favorite song: The Finn McMissile song in Cars 2 (duh-na-naaaa, duh-na-naaaaaa!)
Favorite superhero: Batman!

Henry partied with friends, as well, and it was totally tubular, dude!
It was a Teenage. Mutant. Ninja Turtle. party.
When the boys arrived they could choose a mask: orange, red, purple or blue. They played around like ninjas and watched an episode from the original cartoon series until everyone arrive.

One of Henry's best buds, Alaster, was super excited that he was Henry's first guest to arrive, we had to get a picture to remember the moment. 

Clockwise starting with Henry: The birthday boy, Zayd, Stephania, Theo, Giovani, Anders, Alaster, and Benjamin.

We ate a pizza dinner with fruit and rootbeer, and Todd entertained the kids with jokes. Afterward we played some Ninja lawn games, and whacked at giant bubbles and a pinata. My little helper, Stephania, and I pretended to be April and Urma, taking pictures and "reporting on the events".

The Ninjas fighting crime!

            Mabel made a good damsel in distress.
Theo as Michelangelo

The sky was incredibly blue that day. It was beautiful.

You can see the large bubble way out across the field, just above the horizon but not above the tree line on the right.

The shredder!

The cupcakes were yummy but turned out to be a flop--literally. They were so frosting top-heavy that almost every boy's cupcake fell to the ground, landing top down when they took their first bite out of it. It was kind of a bummer cleaning up grass and rock filled frosting off the sidewalk. I recommend requesting to go easy on the frosting. 
It was a great day to celebrate a GREAT boy.


Rachel said...

That mint chocolate cake looks incredible!

Ashlee said...

Wow! That cake looks delish! And what a fun party! Thank you for posting that pic of Henry and Alaster (the first guest to arrive) so I could see :) I loved the story when you told me, and it was super fun to see a picture to go with it.

Loved the picture of your family around the cake too. What a cool, cute, amazing group you all are!

Happy Birthday Henry!

Meg Morley Walter said...

I aspire to be the kind of mother that you are.

Allen and Cameo and Little Leo said...

Happy Birthday Henry! I cannot believe you are 5! I remember holding you as a new born. Now you are all grown up. Rachel.. you are amazing and I too want to be like you someday.

Aubrey said...

Leslie's--- NO WAY! Small world! Jed worked there for a few years in high school. I told him that you mentioned the mint cake for birthdays- he TOO got that same cake for birthdays (free of course because he worked there, haha).

I have just spent about an hour reading your blog.
LOVe you. And your awesome family :)