Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hello again! It's about time to report about
C A L I F O R N I A !

This summer we spent a week in California with Todd's family. It was a much anticipated trip. For Henry, he had been looking forward to this trip since he was three, a full year and a half of dreams of meeting Mickey, riding the rides, playing on the beach with cousins . . . 
And the trip exceeded our expectations.


Mickey and the cousins! 
We were so lucky to walk into California Adventure and practically walk right into a short line to meet Mickey. My boys loved meeting him. Theo especially seemed to adore him. Henry captured his character right away and smiled just like Mickey the rest of the day.

We'd have to say that Theo's favorite character was Mater. He patted him and talked to him like they were old pals.

Mabel loved her Mim!

I tried to get a shot of everyone pushing strollers. You can see Becky in front, Mim, then Zac and Todd with the double. With all these kiddos we made a whopping 4-stoller caravan.

In a few words, Disneyland was magical.

We spent the whole day there, riding rides, eating treats, just soaking it all in. Henry was able to chase down Goofy and shake his hand. We relaxed and cooled off in the It's A Small World Afterall ride, we used our space ranger blasters to shoot Emperor Zurg, we rode on the safari ride, soared over CA, and spun in the teacups. We slurped apple slushies and enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Grand Californian Hotel.

A few memorable stories:

Henry got lost in the crowds at one point by the Toy Story spaceship ride (you can imagine how panicked I felt when I realized he was lost!). Thankfully he was found by a Disney worker, at whom he yelled when she tried to help him, "No! Go away! No!" She guided him to the place where he could be reunited with us while he was trying to get away from her. I'm glad to know he's got his stranger danger guard up and won't go easily with anyone but his family.

Henry's big cousins, Jake and Cole, were able to take Henry on Matterhorn. Matterhorn was the ride Todd and his brother took Jake on when he was only 3--scaring him half to death. Fourteen years later Jake was ready to give Henry the ride of his life, too. And he did! Henry came off the Matterhorn with some tears in his eyes, but a brave face, and said "it wasn't so great."

 I didn't get a picture of Henry, but both he and Mabel took their turns being sick for three days each. Henry at the beginning, and Mabel at the end. As the plane descended into CA Henry threw up all over. It was nice for everyone on the plane that we only had 10 minutes to be confined in that plane. I felt so sorry for them, they couldn't keep anything down while they were sick, but it was nice, too, to have both me and Todd there to take turns resting and taking care of them. Luckily everyone was well to enjoy the 4th day at Disneyland. And, everyone was well again to make the flight home. Phew!

We enjoyed the resort doing bubbles, swimming, eating, playing, catching snails and just hangin' out!

We also enjoyed more bubbles at the beach, digging holes, and more holes, eating sand (Theo), catching crabs, and building a HUGE sandcastle (inspired by Gracie).


Mabel not feeling so well.

Yum! Amazingly, Theo didn't get sick. 

 The beach was oh, so nice. Sandy, but nice. ;)

Todd let off a huge bubble that floated probably 100 yards down the beach. It was just about to pop in a man's face when he turned his head and ducked. He was so surprised, he didn't see it coming, and it scared him. It was hilarious. I kind of felt bad for those people who were downwind of us bubble-makers.

Last but not least, the famous Castle!!
It took about 8 hours from start to finish, if I remember correctly. It was quite the family project, and a great way to end the family reunion.

 Henry carved a shark into it. 

 Cousin Gracie and Uncle Layne, the masterminds of the project.

Check out that fancy workmanship, including a mote and a kelp drawbridge.

As you can see, it was hard to leave. 
  This was Theo as we left the beach our last day there. 



Rachel said...

Mabel in the mickey ears and you with that hat! Swoon! You gals are lovely.

Alysa Stewart said...

Rachel stole what I was going to say! Those are my two fave pictures as well. :) Seriously, you should print and frame that set of you in the hat and not in the hat, on the beach. Your little ones will remember you looking like that, just like I remember looking at a beautiful portrait of my mother she had on her dresser. sigh.

Also, public service announcement! I read an article about how if you dig holes on beaches you must fill them back in before leaving. Otherwise when the tide comes in it can fill in just the tops of them, and create sand traps. Once someone steps on it, it caves in and the sand that was on top fills in all around. If the holes are deep enough, people can die! It's craziness. So, you know, have fun and be safe out there!