Wednesday, October 9, 2013


He can spell his own name now. It's so fun to hear his little voice chime:
T-H-E-O (pause) D-O-"AH"-E
AND . . . 
He started preschool! 

It wasn't supposed to happen so soon. We hadn't planned to send him to preschool until he was 3, or later, but we got a letter saying they were holding a spot for him the week before school started. I called and talked to his teacher, reminding her he's only 2, and she said that if he was potty trained, he could attend even though he was still 2. 

Yep, he's potty trained!

Two?! He's so little! Too little in my opinion.
But, he wanted to go to preschool so badly. He wants to be just like Henry and going to school was on his to-do list. So, I thought we'd try it out.

The first week he was a little nervous, but now he loves it. The high school kids, and is teacher are so welcoming and loving, I know he feels like a million bucks whenever he goes, even if he is a little shy. And now he can chime in on the dinner time "what happened at school today" talk. It's so cute. I asked him what his favorite thing about his teacher, Miss H., is and he thought about it for about 20 seconds then said with a smile, 
"She calls me Mr. Handsome."

We may or may not do preschool next year. In fact, I'm not planning on it at this point because I want a little more time with him. Two years under my wing is not enough for me. So the plan is: Preschool from 2-3--just to get it out of his system--and then he'll hang out with me til he's 5. 


Crys said...

He is seriously such a cutie!

Emily Savage said...

Mr. Handsome is right!! So glad we get to see him almost every day!

Aubrey said...

Yay! I love these pictures! MR. Handsome is SOO right! My boys are blonde- which I love- but if not, I'd LOVE some dark, luscious locks like his :)

Alysa Stewart said...

Was last year Mrs. Yagow's final year? I'm trying to remember now. I shall have to chat with you about Miss H. :)

Theo! You look like a movie star! Especially in that 4th picture on the stairs, eyebrows up. Yep, pretty sure I saw Theo on the Disney channel at some point. ;)