Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Henry started THE BIG K!

Kindergarten has finally arrived, well, seven weeks ago, but it's here and Henry is in the thick of it. He loves Kindergarten. A few things he says about it, usually on our walk home from the bus stop:

I got up to red-outstanding today! (Which is the highest on their rainbow behavior scale.)
I went down to blue, but then I got back up to orange!
I jumped yellow and went up to orange!
Mr. S (the principal) said it was hump day today. What's hump day?
The whole class went down to blue but by the end of the day I was back up to green. (They all start at green at the beginning of the day.)
I got up to red again today.
Yeah, my teacher is so nice.
Some kids went down to the far away drinking fountain and had to go to the principal's office today.
I got up to yellow today.
I went up to orange today, and I don't even know why!
My whole class got up to orange today!
Mrs. O looks like you except she has braces.
I'm pretty much the awesomest in my class.
Mr. S said it's hump day again! (I'm beginning to wonder about this Mr. S. Does he like his job?)
My favorite center is dramatic play. But I LOOOOOOVE recess.
Mom, I can't have bell peppers in my lunch anymore because Adam thinks they're gross. 
The whole class got up to red again today!

His teacher as hold me he is a great listener [as you can tell he's totally motivated by the rainbow behavior scale], and that he obviously loves his friend, Adam. When I went to his school for grandparents day I ate lunch with them. I noticed that all he and Adam wanted to do was tickle each other. No wonder he comes home with only one bite out of his sandwich and one apple/carrot slice eaten. He's always hungry mungry after school!

Plus, he's starting to read level one books on his own! It's so fun to see him learning and growing and making friends. He loves it.

Another thing is that he is much more polite and good mannered at meal time (most of the time) and when sharing and playing and, just all around. I complimented him on it one day and he said, "Well, Ms. Swartz likes us to use good manners so I want to practice for her." 
*Slap hand to the forehead*

On his first day he wore his Monster's U "School is Cool" shirt--because school is so cool!

 Learning to eat in a flash, and SO excited!

 Walking to the bus stop with sibs in tow

  Doesn't his backpack look huge?

 And off he goes! His bus driver is really nice, and probably 10 of his friends ride the bus. And, it's only like a 5 minute ride. We're so lucky!

(Bwaaaaaaaaaa! Sniffle, sniffle. Smile. He's growing up so fast.)


Brittney Richards said...

I can't believe he is old enough to be in kindergarten. How big!! How crazy that time goes by so quickly. I'm glad that he loves school.

The Whipples said...

I almost cried when Kailey got on her bus! Luckily my parents were around so I tried hard to keep my cool. I'm glad Henry enjoys school.

Aubrey said...

I think Henry just might be my favorite 5 year old I know. He is so sweet, intelligent, interesting, and just plain awesome.

I like that he likes Parker too. Then I don't feel so weird hanging around him all the time.