Monday, November 18, 2013

While I'm Away

Before I get on about Halloween and things, I've gotta post about my supportive husband! 

Though incredibly busy working to achieve his PhD in Chemical Engineering, Todd manages to support me in all of my doings and takes great care of the kiddos while I'm gone.

After one of my last Sunday meetings as PP I came home to all of this:

Happy kids in a happy home
AND homemade cinnamon rolls

 The evidence of a timeout . . . or two

I couldn't ask for a sweeter honey!

Four favorite details of this picture:
Henry's cowboy belt with his PJs, and armed with a water gun. 
Theo in his size 12 month (he's 3 now!) PJs he hasn't given up yet.
The homemade chef hats.
The smiles.


Emily Savage said...

Those chef hats made me laugh out loud!! What a wonderful bunch of people you get to live with! It doesn't get much better than coming home to a happy house with happy kids when you're a mom :)

Meg Morley Walter said...

Ha! The time out chair.

Ashlee said...

15 points to Todd from me! Those chef hats are pretty awesome!