Monday, November 18, 2013

While Todd's Away

How about while he's away?

Over General Conference weekend Todd went up to Toronto as an adviser for an iGEM team at an iGEM conference. 
The team he was advising did well! 
They qualified for the international jamboree in Boston, at which they won 
the Best Health and Medicine Project award!
Check it out here.
Here's their website explaining their project: Team UIUC.

Anyway, before Todd left he prepared a treasure hunt for the boys, making sure that while he was away we would survive and still have fun. 

It was funny, I planned to do the treasure hunt right after Henry got home from school and when Theo woke up from his nap. But they were anxious to color and do homework. Documented here:

 I love the rainbows and sunshine (Henry's on the left and Theo's on the right).
 After just a few coaxes they were out hunting for treasure. 

This hunt was especially challenging. Instead of using pictures as clues Todd used words for Henry to sound out. He did a great job reading the words!!

 They found the treasure in the front garden inside an old red tool box. The treasure was:
a CD of songs we could listen to while he's gone
a note that pizza would be delivered at 5:45 sharp
and a "gift card" to Custard Cup (aka, Jarlings)

We're just sad he missed all the fun!

That evening the boys were pretending to be tigers so, to Custard Cup we went, tigers in tow.

The next two days, Saturday and Sunday, turned out to be wonderful, despite being home alone with three little ones. The children did fabulously during conference. We put together 3 puzzles and colored. They actually listened to conference and were quiet enough to allow me to listen as well! That was a pleasant surprise.

A word about conference:
I'm so grateful for modern prophets! It's such a blessing to hear God's truths, council, guidance, and comfort from men and women called to be his mouthpiece in these latter-days. A few of my favorite talks:

Check out that Binky!

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Catherine Cromar said...

Did you get a new concrete slab in the back? That looks too flat to be the one we had. ;)

Your kids look super cute by the way.