Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mom, were you a baby when Pluto was a planet?

Henry's school had a science night a few weeks ago. The children could do almost anything they wanted--an experiment, a model (building), research, a demonstration or a collection. Henry wanted to learn about space so we did some research. He learned some interesting facts about each planet and learned a little about constellations. To share what he learned he made a poster with a picture he drew of each planet, and he made shining constellations with cereal boxes, black paper, white colored pencil, and lights, wires and buttons.

At the fair I think there were about 80 projects on display and the room was full of energy. It was pretty exciting! Henry did a good job explaining to his principal, our bishop, and other parents and kids what he learned. The constellations were a neat attraction. The fair was not a contest, and each child received a medal. Henry loves his medal. He said he was going to take it everywhere and wear it everyday, but I think he quickly forgot about that. 

Another fun part was when scientists from the U of I came and did some demonstrations. As the principal was admiring Henry's project, before the demonstrations, he told me he was a little worried about the scientists. Apparently last year they almost blew the school up--and it's brand new! We kind of sat in the back just in case. Luckily that didn't happen this year.

Henry and Todd with friends, Stephania and Giovani

Principal Scott and Henry

The bull

The Big Dipper


Henry lighting up The Bull

Henry and a dad

Henry and Bishop Johnson

Henry and the excited announcer-lady, I can't remember her role at the school

Henry's poster!

Just in case you haven't heard, Pluto is NOT a planet. 
 And, as we were driving to the Custard Cup last week as a family Henry asked from the back of the car, "Mom? Were you a baby when Pluto was a planet?" Yes, indeed, it was still defined as a planet when I was a baby. The surprising part to him was that it was probably still defined as a planet when he was a baby, too! With further research, the poor boy missed knowing Pluto as a planet by two year. 

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