Sunday, December 1, 2013

Theo's Three!

We've got a three year old on our hands! 
He's one spectacular kid. His birthday this year happened to be on a Sunday, which was a great start to a birthday week. We celebrated as a family Sunday, and then had a friend birthday party the following Saturday. So, a full week of celebration it was. 
This kid is amazing. He can spout off any and every nursery rhyme. 

Just the other day I said, "Wow, it's so cold!" And Theo replied, saying this to himself kinda, "Cold and raw, the north winds blow, bleak in the morning, early. All the hills are covered with snow, and winter's now come fairly." I was blown away!

He is also learning to write his name. He can count to 30--or more? I actually haven't seen if he can count higher. But he can probably count backwards easier--all that rocket blast-off play he does around here. And, he can stand on his head--almost without support! I think he got my acrobatic gene.

He's still learning to say his Rs. His Rs aren't pronounced with the hard R sound. He sounds like he has a Jersey accent: oyth = earth, saw-wee = sorry, Joy-z = Jersey, cat-a-pil-oy = caterpillar, woym = warm or worm, c-ah-y = car, 
and my favorite: poy-fect = perfect. 
It's so cute.

Anyway, he's lots of fun. This year he wanted a garbage truck that has lights and sounds. So, that's what he got! It's pretty realistic--one of its sounds is even a cat meow/yowling as the garbage is being dumped into the truck. It's pretty funny. He had a Mickey Mouse themed party so he got some fun Mickey Mouse books and toys, and loves them, too.

 He was so happy he even let Mabel help open his birthday presents.

We went to church as usual, and Theo loved Nursery. It's amazing to us that he'll be a Sunbeam in just a few weeks! 

We ate pizza and had a giant homemade Mickey Mouse cake. 
The ears were ginormous, as you can see.

Theo's friend party was a big success. He was still napping when all his friends arrived so when almost everyone had come I went up stairs and woke him up. He was really surprised, but warmed up quickly. 

He invited 6 friends, 4 of which were girls. Plus him and Henry we had half boys, half girls. During the party I thought, Wow, this party seems much quieter and calmer than all the rest we've had. I wondered why. I believe it was because we had many girls! They were so calm and cooperative and sweet. Well, come to think of it, the boys were, too. Theo's got some sweet friends.

We played musical chairs. The funny thing about playing musical chairs with these 2 and 3 year olds was that instead of sitting down on the chair they were standing in front of when the music stopped, they ran to their original chair! They didn't quite get the concept, but we all just had fun. We also played Pin the Nose on the Mouse, Duck-Duck-Mouse, ring around the rosie, then we ate cake and watched a Micky Mouse episode and opened presents.

 Like father, like son!

 Aren't they a darling bunch?

 I think he was in birthday heaven.

I think one of my favorite lines during the party was when we turned off the lights to sing and blow out the candles. Little Victoria said, "Don't worry, Theo, it's no scary." She was so cute.

 The boys requested "pieces of road!" and "words!", and the ladies mostly called for "flowers and bushes, please" :) Typical.

Happy birthday, Theebs.


Emily Savage said...

That is indeed a cute bunch of Mickeys and Minnies! What a fun party. We're so glad to have Theo around. Happy Birthday handsome boy!

Ashlee said...

Darling! Gotta say... that Mickey cake is pretty awesome! Happy Birthday Theo! A sunbeam? Really? Time sure flies...

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

What a great kid. He's got to be one of my favorite kids ever. Side Note: I love how Eva has a whole piece of cake in her hand--mouth full of cake--in that last shot...typical Eva.