Sunday, March 9, 2014

To the Yesteryears

This evening I came across a poem my dear friend Rachel, or shall we call her Olive? wrote as a tribute to "dahling Mildred" on her birthday. I love it! It almost brought me to tears (good ones) remembering my dear, dear friends! Oh, the good times we had.

You must read her poem at . . .

Sadly I have to admit that I forgot that my "grandma name" was Mabel! No wonder I liked it.

We take selfies. 
Good thing selfies is a word now because now I know what to call . . . these.


Emily Savage said...

What a cute poem! How funny that your grandma name was Mabel!

I love your matching toes! We like to do selfies, too :)

Ashlee said...

Awww! Pretty momma and baby girl!

Loved the poem. Too cute!