Monday, April 28, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

This year was an exciting one! 
(Is it really almost May? Anyway.)
Henry was able to make his own Valentine's day box for school. What did he choose? 
Zelda, of course! I am so sad because I don't think I took a picture of it. It was a simple white box, provided by his teacher, and he decorated it with hand drawn pictures of all the characters and the tri-something or other (I don't know all the Zelda stuff) and it was awesome. 

For the valentines that he made we totally copied our awesome friends, the Stewarts. Last year Benjamin S. gave Henry a Valentine that looked a lot like this:

 What you do is you cut small slits right above the index finger, and right below the pinky, and then you can slide a sucker in and it looks like he's holding it and giving you a giant sucker! Plus, this way your smile is your signature! We loved the idea.
So, for Henry's he painted stripes on plain white paper, and when the paper was dry he drew bubble letters with pen, added lovey detail and cut them out and taped them to our wall.
 He decided to give suckers to the boys and pink silk flowers to the girls. 

His report after school: The girls loooooooved the flowers. 
I thought they would!
He went through each Valentine sent to him and cherished it, talking about each child as he reviewed who they were from. This boy really cares about giving gifts and receiving gifts.
The day before Valentine's day the kids and I painted hearts for each member of our family and then when the boys went to bed Mabel and I put up some decorations.

We could feel the love! 

This was Henry's card he made at school. I adore it.

Lastly, a funny story about the giant card below.
Todd's a pro at making pop-up cards and this year he decided to go BIG . . .
In case you can't tell, it's on large poster board.

He told me that at first he was going to put, 
"The biggest heart for the world's biggest woman"
but he thought that wouldn't go over well.

Good call, babe, good call.

Oh how I love my family!!

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