Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A little while ago Theo disappeared up the stairs. I thought he was dressing up as Superman. I was pretty surprised when he came crawling down the stairs in only his cape. I laughed and asked him why he took his clothes off and he said,
"Because Krypto is a dog and dogs don't wear clothes!" 

 I love my little canine super hero.

Last week Theo pointed at my neck and asked, "What's under your chin?" 
Is it a hair?
Is it a mole?
Is it my skin?
(Still pointing.) No.
Is it my neck? 
Then what is it? 
It's my finger!! 
We laughed so hard together. He had totally come up with that on his own, and when he first asked what was under my chin I don't know if he had actually intended on making a joke, but it sure became one as he realized I didn't know the answer. 
I thought it was so clever!

He loved splashing in the puddles this spring. One afternoon, after a morning of splashing in puddles, he went back out to splash again and when he noticed the puddles had all been absorbed into the ground he stomped his feet and cried as if nature had played a cruel trick on him, 
"Where have all the puddles gone!?"
 He eats entire apples. Entire ones. Like, the core and all.

Theo often helps me do the dishes. Rinsing is his favorite job because he gets to use the sprayer. We like to listen to music or tell each other stories, and he especially loves to see the "tornado" when I pull the stopper out of the sink. 

 I had to take a picture of his stacking skills. 
I hadn't been watching too closely but I'm glad I noticed before it got too high and toppled over!

The other day Theo was on the potty and called for me. He specifically asked for "the comics". 
He was interested, however, in the big box truck accident.

Old man Theo. 
This day he set up the chairs and pretended that he and Mabel were "an old grandma and grandpa". He said they were sitting there watching a movie called A Boy Likes To Slide Down Slides. He also said that he and Mabel drank a hundred sodas and coffee (that's what he calls Rootbeer or Diet Coke ever since the day Todd was drinking Rootbeer and Theo asked him what he was drinking and Todd said coffee). He often likes to pretend he's drinking coffee. That old man.

On the first real warm day this spring we went out for a walk and the boys dressed up as the Mario Brothers. They make an incredible team. They love to rescue princess Peach/Mabel. (More pictures of that day to come.)

Tug at my heartstrings! 
This day was particularly sad/sweet. We had bought some flowers to feed our butterflies (we grew caterpillars and watched them develop into butterflies) and as we walked from the car to the house the boys were just so cute so I ran into grab my camera to take a picture. Henry had bags in hand, Theo the flowers, and Mabel crawling behind. It was picture perfect. Since I ran in, Henry ran after me and Theo couldn't quite keep up. By the time I had grabbed the camera and come to the door Theo was picking himself up off the sidewalk (running in floppy rain boots is tricky). When he stood up he realized a few of the petals and leaves from the flowers had fallen off and that's when he started to cry. He said, 
"Two leaves fell off and I don't want someone to pick them up and blow them away!"
Another side story. He saw me posting this picture and laughed so hard because "it looks like I only have one foot!"
The butterflies still loved the flowers.

 The last funny story about Theo I'd like to share for now happened Monday. We had gone to his doctor appointment and the doctor ordered an x-ray to check his bone age and as we were walking down the long hallway to the x-ray room he said, 
"I don't want an x-ray--it'll turn me into a skeleton!"
I assured him it would just be a picture of his skeleton, and he'd get to keep his muscles and skin. 
He was calmed and was a great sport.
(Theo's quite small, and has been for a while, and he has also complained of tummy aches for about a year or so, so we're currently seeing a doctor to find out why.)
We love this little guy!


Emily Savage said...

I laughed so many times reading this post! The newspaper, the nakey/cape costume, the one-legged picture…. I just love his unique personality!

happyhart said...

That Theo sure is adorable. Thanks for sharing!