Thursday, May 1, 2014


This spring we grew caterpillars, Painted Ladies to be exact! Thank you for sharing, Mim and Bub!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar became the book of our house for a few weeks. 
It was so cool to learn about the butterfly metamorphosis, and actually watch it happen.
The boys were interested in their growth each day, and would check on them a few times a day. 
I have to admit it gave me the heeby jeebies to use the bathroom. But I preferred them there than in the kitchen!

If you're interested in growing caterpillars go to 

 We started with 5 tiny black caterpillars and they soon turned into large hairy crawly things.

When they were fully grown they migrated to the top of the jar and made their chrysali. As they formed they did a little dance. It was funny to watch them wiggle!

 After they made their chrysali we moved them to the cylinder net where they would finally emerge.

 I can't help but think I have the cutest crew!
 They are checking out the emerging butterflies, and getting ready to feed them strawberries, oranges and bananas. How exciting!

 A few days later we realized the butterflies needed some flora to enjoy and use so we went to the story and found some lovely daisies. (You can read about this unfortunate photo here.)

 One little guy never emerged. You can tell which one he is, the one right in the middle. We dissected him after we released the others and he looked fully developed and we guess that he just got stuck getting out. Maybe his wings just weren't strong enough, the poor guy.

 Finally, it was time to release our 4 little friends.
The children were able to share the moment with some dear friends, Vicky and Dani. 
Henry was very much a butterfly tamer or whisperer, if you will, and Theo was broken hearted when they finally flew away. He chased after them and cried for them. A few came back for a couple of butterfly kisses, and Henry shared them with Theo, but then they were off again.
Theo was comforted knowing they just might come back to visit our flowers out front, and that they were much happier flying about "in the wild". 

 If you look REALLY closely you might be able to see it flying around in the sky, but probably not.
This was when Theo got really sad because they had flown away. 
I love the great big skies in IL!

 And this is when Henry whispered them back to him (wink), and then shared them with Theo. 
It really was so sweet to see Henry so gentle and so kind to his little brother.

 Vicky, Dani, Mabel, Hen and Theo (Theo's still too bummed to take pictures)

 Spring truly is a magical time.


Emily Savage said...

You're not the only one who thinks you have the cutest bunch of kids! :) I bet Henry will never forget his caterpillar/butterfly friends. What a fun thing to share as a family.

Alysa Stewart said...

Yeah!! That is so cool, Rachel. (And your kids are so, so cute.) I love the cylinder net thing! If we do caterpillars/butterflies again I will have to find me one of those. I still feel regret at the unfortunate ending to our own butterfly friend, Milko. sigh. But your post has helped me take heart.