Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Few Firsts

I'm so glad summer is here. It has been an exciting time for us--especially Henry. He is now experiencing all the fun things that summer brings for the first time (last summer he was about 7 pounds and closed his eyes almost all day). Henry LOVES going outside. He now walks me to the door and waits there, showing me that he wants to go out and play. And when we finally come in for a rest he kicks his legs and cries.
This is his first time swimming and eating an Otter Pop (with his friend, William).This is his first time swinging in a hammock (with his friend, Abbi).
This is his first time visiting the duck pond. We saw 7 turtles, 1 baby turtle and too many ducks to count. They weren't biting much so we just watched them. Afterward I got my first Snowie of the season, down by the Crest at 8 N and 7 E--yum! It was its opening day and I was the first customer so the guy gave it to me for free and said, "Tell your friends!". I recommend going. :)And Henry's first time seeing a nest with new baby birds. We found this nest on temple square in SLC when we were up for Todd's cousin's wedding. It was amazing to watch this momma bird feed her babies. So cute!


Becky said...

Turtles???? How neat is that!!

Cute baby birds. I love all of the "first" things. :o)

Matthew said...

Great post, we love Otter Pops too!

We even made a post about little Henry :)