Saturday, May 9, 2009

Provo's Farmers Market

This is something else we've been up to. This year Todd and I joined a few of our neighbors in selling at Provo's Farmers Market. We are making and selling products for kids, i.e. masks and capes, gingham ruffled hats, sun hats, and road maps (fabric ones for kids to drive their little cars on). One friend is selling granola and onesies with handmade appliques, another is selling hairbows, and another handmade books.

Anyway, our apartment has become a little sweat shop the past few weeks. We set up our machines, turn on music or our favorite NPR shows: Car Talk, A Prairie Home Companion, Talk of the Nation (Todd particularly likes Science Friday) or This American Life. Henry's usually asleep but sometimes he will sit and play--it's amazing. He really likes the sound of the sewing machines I guess.

The weird thing is that for all the time we put into buying fabric and stuff, marking, cutting, ironing, sewing, unpicking, sewing some more snipping, etc. we only have a few products to show for it! It takes up so much time. When I first started out it seemed like it'd be pretty easy but soon I was asking myself, "Who am I kidding? I'm not good at this. Who would want to buy it?" But when I finished a I feel so proud, despite its imperfections. It can be very frustrating and daunting, but it's also so enjoyable and satisfying. I think it's that way with anything worthwhile. I have loved working hard with Todd and learning from our mistakes. It's great quality time that we spend together.

Last Saturday was the first Saturday at the farmers market. It rained. It was chilly. And we didn't sell anything. Sad. But it was still fun! We enjoyed spending time with our friends. This week, however, we sold a few items! It was definitely encouraging, although we're really not doing it to make money, we're doing it for fun, but it's always nice to know people want to buy your stuff. Stuff that isn't perfect but stuff that took a lot of time to make and is pretty awesome . . .

We're looking forward to a much brighter Saturday next week. Wish us luck! If you're in the area come check it out--a lot of people have really neat things, there's always a live band, and yummy granola samples! It's at the park on 5th W and 1st S in Provo, UT from 11am-2pm every Saturday (until June and then it's from 9am-2pm every Saturday).


Katie said...

Yay for Farmer's Market! It was so fun to watch people try your hats on their babies. :) I'm sad I won't get to stay there with you next week, but I'm glad you'll get to go. Have fun!

okbushmans said...

You need to take pictures of your products! I would love to see them!

Lisa Lou said...

(This is Lisa, Katie's sister-in-law)
Your little cape and mask set is so cute! people loved the hats at farmer's market!