Sunday, September 20, 2009

Muddy Buddies!

This past week the city of Danville hosted a mud volleyball tournament. We signed up with our neighbors, knowing hardly anything about the big tournament. Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Danville, about 30-40 minutes away. There we saw a volleyball court with the perimeter lined with bales of hay and the area of the court filled with mud and water. It looked cold. And dirty. But we were up for it!
Before the game
People started showing up and there were ponies (real ponies, not the other kind), bean bag tossing, beer and food tents; but the main event was the mud volleyball. Our team was: Muddy Buddies. Other team names weren't so friendly or clean. Anyway, we won the first game and then waited around an hour or so, played the second and lost, and then waited a couple more hours and played the third (the tournament was double elimination) and lost it.
After the first game: dirty
After the second game: dirtier
Our friend Bruce, after the third game: dirtiest
We were awesomely dirty. I look dirtier than I really am--I'm wearing a brown shirt. I didn't dive or get pushed into the mud because I wanted to be able to hold Henry after. Henry napped in between games and woke up when we were in the mud. A nice lady was watching him, but when I spotted him sitting up and pointing at me I lost my concentration and almost missed the ball. Luckily the girl next to me was after it.
We weren't too sad since we had been there for 4 and a half hours anyway, and the tournament was scheduled to end around 7 pm. No thanks.

Playing in the mud was absolutely awesome, though. I haven't done anything like that since high school when we cheerleaders wrestled in jello at an assembly for the Sub-4-Santa fundraiser. In hind-sight I don't think that was a good idea. We thought it was fun at the time, but now I think it was pretty . . . unattractive or repugnant. Oh well.

We had a great time with the Danville folk and our new friends. Go Muddy Buddies!!


Kim Shepherd said...

I thought I recognized your shirt. Sadie hawkens dance 2003. I think I still have mine too. Looks like you had a lot of fun playing in the mud!

Kayla R. said...

OMG!! that seriously looks like it would be SOO FUN!

Bruce Richards said...

Thanks for playing Rachel and Todd. It was fun!

srbushman said...

That looks AWESOME! We need to get an Oklahoma tournament!

Nakita Ellis said...

That looks like so much fun and I recognize that shirt!! I must admit that I read this post this morning and couldn't stop thinking about Chex Muddy Buddies and just finished making and consuming some. I always crave those once they are on my mind!