Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We call it, the Kramer

Henry's all about teasing us and playing games. He loves to surprise us and make us laugh.

Each night we spend about 30 minutes to an hour playing in his room. This is my favorite time of the day because we just get to play with him, with no other distractions or appointments. We play with his exer-saucer and read books, we do the steamroller game and he climbs all over us. In short, we wear him out, he wears us out; and it is so fun.

Tonight he figured out a game that we now call, the Kramer. He walks out of the room, we voice concerns about where he's gone, and he bounds into the room with a big smile on his face and we'd jump in surprise. A few times when he would bound into the room we just stared at each other with straight faces. He got all up in my face with a big smile, but I didn't crack.

Then he poked me in the eye. It was pretty funny. Anyway, here are two videos: one of "the Kramer" and the other is of him doing a trick with his spoon. They're each about 1 minute. He's such a crack up.

"The Kramer"

Spoon Trick

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