Wednesday, May 26, 2010


As you can see, our blog has been a bit neglected over the past month. I'm sorry. It's a horrible month to be neglecting it since there are so many great things to talk about--our birthdays, Mother's Day, a trip to Oklahoma! (I think that state always needs an exclamation point after it), a new "church job" as family calls it, and our new running endeavors.

The story I do want to tell will give you insight into the kind of life we have here, and it happened last Saturday.

This was our day, Todd helped a new couple in town move into their home. During that time Henry and I cleaned the house and played outside. I washed two chair covers since orange juice and yellow play dough had dirtied them the day before. They stayed outside drying all day. When Todd got home he informed me that he invited the new couple over for dinner tonight. Dinner would be light and easy, White Gazpacho and a baked potato bar, because it had to be squeezed between Vic's baptism at 3 and stake conference at 6:30.

We went to choir practice at 1, Vic's baptism at 3 and made it home in time to make dinner. Hustling about the kitchen I remembered the chair cushions were out drying. With 15 minutes before our guests arrived I pulled them in and checked their dryness by pressing my hands firmly on them. No water seeped through and I felt no dampness on my hands. Hooray, they were dry!

The guests arrived and we had a great dinner. The Mrs. is from Northern Ireland, the Mr. is from Denmark, they met at BYU and lived in Louisiana last year. There was plenty to talk about, and they were as nice as could be. When we got up to leave the Mrs. pointed out to me that there were wet spots on her cushion but she wanted me to know she hadn't spilled and I didn't need to worry they were stained. Her skirt was wet, too! I apologized and told her what I had done and I was so embarrassed. The wet spots were small and she didn't seem bothered. I then checked her husband's chair and there was a HUGE wet spot, totally soaked! His bottom was just as wet, if not wetter now, I'm sure he absorbed whatever water was left. I was completely mortified and apologized more. We kind of all laughed about it and said good bye.

Then we went to drop Henry off at a friends so we could go to conference childless and Todd noticed dry tomato juice and seeds splattered on my dress up by my neck. I remembered that while preparing dinner I was washing tomatoes while holding Henry on one hip and Henry had bitten into a cherry tomato and squirted it on my dress. I forgot about it, let it dry, and looked even more like a fool all of dinner. So, we laughed some more and I went home and changed and made it to our meeting a bit late.

What a way to welcome and impress a new couple in town. They were off to Turkey to vacation the next day and I hope their pants were dry by then!

Stay tuned for more of May's activities. They may be picture-less since my camera seems to be dying, but hopefully a few good reads.

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Brad and Rebecca said...

hey Rachel! I was friends with your sister at Rick's, hope you don't mind me peeking in on your blog. But i remember your mom making us the most delicious gazpacho like 10 years ago! I was hoping you could post the recipe?? I would LOVE to make that this summer!