Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're back!

We recently returned from a wonderful trip to Provo, UT and Las Vegas, NV. They are pretty much polar opposite cities, but we enjoyed them just the same. In UT we rode the Sundance chairlift and hiked around a bit.

With 8 kids, 3 pregnant ladies, senior citizens (wink, wink) and a couple of daddies we managed to have an awesome hike. The chairlift might have been the highlight, though.
Henry loved driving Mim's car and Bub's tractor.

(Oh, and Bub's scooter, but don't tell my mom that.)

I also went to a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Danette, and I think my mom was a genius when she planned it. We had a great lunch, opened gifts, then walked on over to the nail salon and were treated to pedicures! Now that's my kind of baby shower!

While in Provo we also played games with family, had a picnic with old friends and their new families, and lastly . . . went to Todd's 10-year high school reunion! He managed to make it out alive, and actually really enjoyed it! Although the first 15 minutes were a little intimidating (trying to remember people's names, chit-chat, etc.) something happened that seemed to kind of ease the tension.
While everyone was filing in and chatting a light burst and a flame flared. I was bracing for the fire alarm and sprinklers to go off, but the flame died. We were all nervous for a bit but nothing ever happened, and the rest of the evening was great. We ate dinner, played trivia games about things that happened in 2000, and watched a slide show. (Not a typical high school reunion, I know, but remember we were in Provo, UT.)

Then on to Vegas! Basically we just relaxed--we swam, ate good food, played games, and went shopping. But, we also did another hike at Red Rock! And this was the only place I took pictures, so here they are.

Observing the pictographs and natural ovens.

Taking a break to drink water and stack rocks.

Our family in the "tunnel".

And, "Hooray! We did it!!"
"Now, who wants ice cream?"
"I do, I do, I do!"

We were sure sad to leave, but are looking forward to another visit next summer when we'll have another little Freestone to share with family. Now we head into another busy semester. Bring it on!


Lindsey S. said...

I'm sad I missed you while you were in town. What a fun time though!

I'm so scatter brained lately I can't remember if I responded to your comment. So if I did well here it goes again! Haha

I finished writing our Primary program too but I might still make a few changes. I'm hoping it's going to be good! It totally terrifies me! haha I still need to assign parts to people which I think will be hard to figure out because some kids don't always come. So hopefully we can make it work. Funny thing though, our bishop had to change our primary program to the 24th of Oct and it looks like I might possibly be induced with this baby on the 22nd. So I am in charge of the thing and won't even be there to see how it all plays out! Oh well, I guess it's how it goes!

How are you assigning parts? I think I am mostly going to go by classes and then have the older kids do the harder parts through out the program.

Megan Marie said...

Love the picture of you guys on the side of your blog with the wagon! What a sweet family! Glad to have crossed paths in this funny internet world. :)

Ashlee said...

How did you do that? How did you tell us about 2 weeks... get the overall general feel of what happened... be entertaining... and do it so sussinctly?!?! I am so jealous right now. I can't even post about 2 days with out 12 collages all accompanied with commentary. I'm impressed my friend.

It's good to have you back. Glad you enjoyed your time away!

Rachel said...

Awesome! Are you guys going to be in p-town for Christmas? We need to get together.

P.S. I love how the lighting makes it look like Henry is wearing a yarmulke in the last picture :)