Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exercise and Artwork

Recently I've taken to exercising.
I know. It's surprising.
I don't think I exercised a minute while pregnant with Theo. But it feels so good to do it again.
I ordered for myself Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred. It's awesome. It is made up of 3 levels of 20 minute workouts. Doable, but not easy. It's just what I need. At the rate I'm going it's gonna take me about 90 days to complete the "30 day shred" but that's okay. The exercise is great.
I usually choose Theo's morning nap to fit in the 20 minutes. During that time Henry either climbs on me, under me, or draws on the whiteboard.
The latter is my preference.

In this one I drew an Easter Egg to start him off, and then Henry drew about 10 brown and black spotted ones. He also drew a sun, a smiley face, and an arrow. Can you identify them all? As you can probably tell I had to catch this picture before he erased them all with his finger.

This one is my favorite.
Henry says the red, orange, and green scribbles are twisters (tornadoes). In the top middle of the whiteboard you can see a person with an arrow pointing to him (he's sideways). He named the person Franklin. He's complete with two eyes, a nose, and a smile, and two arms and two legs. I watched Henry draw it and was pretty dumbfounded! Most of his drawings have been circles, scribbles and lines, but this time he put them all together to draw a person. It's so fun to see him learn and grow!

This one was taken just yesterday. Henry and I had made puppy dogs with Legos and decided to draw houses for them. Henry's dog is Franklin, and mine is Scarlett. Henry drew two purple ladders, two very large green "H"-es (how do you write that?). He also drew a purple airplane above the clouds. He was so proud of it.
Here he's posing while he pretends to be Darth Vader.
I love his Darth face.


Our fun family said...

I love the 30 day shred! it's such a good workout and just the right amount of time. It great since you don't need much space. Way to go!

Ashlee said...

Oh that is so fun! Gotta say... his art skills are further along than my Mr. Morgan's. I'm impressed!