Thursday, March 31, 2011

Speaking of Darth

To help Henry stay in bed at night we made an incentive chart. Every night that he stayed in bed and did not whine about going to bed (which I'm learning may be too high of an expectation for a two year old, but it's worth a try) earned him a sticker in the morning. Before this incentive program we tried everything to keep him in bed. Nothing worked. For weeks night times were a major struggle, but this incentive program finally worked!! Oh, what a two year old will do for a smiley face sticker. After earning enough stickers he earned a surprise (a toy of his choice).
What did he choose? "Darf Vader from Meijer."

He loves him.

He loves pretending to be Darth, but not the bad Darth. "The Darf that changes from being bad to good because of his son Wuke Skywalker."

I brought this Kleenex box home from Meijer and thought it was pretty cute in our bathroom. As soon as Henry saw it he said, "Mom, that's spooky." I can see what he means, but I still think it's cute. Then yesterday I noticed that Henry placed his Darth on the toilet positioned to stare at the "spooky Kleenex box".

Just kidding.


Lindsey S. said...

Haha! I love 2 year olds. Really they are so much work but so much fun. I am glad he is staying in bed with your fun incentive, such a great idea. You guys are great for getting him in a big bed. I didn't dare deal with it yet so we bought a second crib when Matthew came along. Just off KSL but still I wasn't about to put my not even 2 year old in a bed. One day. Maybe when she's 6. Just kidding! For now I like that she can't get out. haha!

Joanna said...

Rachel, I wish we lived close to you so my boys could play Star Wars with Henry.

And congratulations on finding the right incentive!

Ashlee said...

That Darth is one cute kiddo!