Friday, April 22, 2011

"Witto one"

My pet name for Theodore is Little One and Henry has picked up on it. He goes about saying, "You're so cute, 'witto' one."
"You're too 'witto' to eat cookies, 'witto' one."
"No, no, no, 'witto' one. You can't eat my fingers." (As he allows Theodore--with a smug smile--to put his fingers in Theo's mouth.)

Case in point.

Ready for a walk!

Welcome, Spring! We're glad you're here.


Ashlee said...

Spring and Sweet Babies... what a classic combo!

Our fun family said...

they look so happy!

Lindsey S. said...

Cutest brothers!

sarah e. said...

Aww! Yeah, I know what you mean. Everything I say I hear through Maggie. She calls Kate "boo eyes" quite a bit, as I often refer to Kate as "blue eyes".

sarah e. said...

And awesome start on your garden. My husband spearheads the effort in our home too. :)

Allen and Cameo and Little Leo said...

So cute! I love both of your boys. Also, Thanks for checking in on us. The real damage took place about 2 hours north of us. There was a tornado that was within 20 miles of us, but Auburn wasn't hit. It is kind of scary though to here the sirens go off. You are so sweet to check on us. We sure miss you guys.