Monday, May 2, 2011

Todd's 29!

Happy Birthday, Todd!!

By Todd's request we celebrated this way:
1) Birthday breakfast. Chocolate muffins and milk. They were D-licious. The sad part is, I was zonked from a long night with Teddy, and Todd made them himself. They were fantastic!! I think I had 4 . . . I think.

2) The annual Todd puzzle and opening presents!

3) Todd's professor's investiture at 4 pm (we're interested to find out what an investiture is!).

4) Then home to work on the garden!
Todd has declared this first week of May: Freestone's Garden Week

We'll get on our grubbies and head to the garden to do the following . . .

Hooray for gardening!! Side note: You may wonder what we do with our kids when we garden. Theo lays on a blanket with an umbrella shading him. He likes to bat at the handle and watch it spin around him. Henry finds "wormies" and rocks to show to Theo--but not feed to him!!! Of course we have found ourselves creating rules we never thought we would have to, like, No feeding worms to your brother.

5) Birthday Dinner. After gardening we'll clean up to eat some of Papa Del's finest deep dish pizza, and then we'll be off to our church with our neighbors Laurie and Ashley for a tour by the missionaries.

6) Then, the kids will go to bed. We'll enjoy some Ben and Jerry's--Chubby Hubby and Midnight Snack--while watching some Office or a Redbox . . .

The best part about having a Monday birthday means Todd can celebrate all week long. Happy birthday, love!! There's not a better husband and daddy in the world. WE LOVE YOU!


srbushman said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like Rachel, Henry, and Theo took great care of you!!!

mildred said...

Happy Birthday month to both of you!!!!!!!!