Friday, May 6, 2011

May the 4th be with you!

We celebrated May 4th properly by attending a Star Wars party at the "Banana Wibrary" (as Henry calls it). The folks in the children department over there are so clever. I will never have another May 4th without thinking of Star Wars. Truly though, the librarians there are so great. One in particular always calls Henry by name, remembers the toys he has shown her, and even the books he has checked out. He really feels like a big star when he goes to the "Banana Wibrary". Thanks nice librarian lady!

When Wednesday, May 4th finally came Henry was SO excited. He had been looking forward to this event for an entire week, each day wondering if it was yet Wednesday the 4th. The event was late in the evening, 7-8, so we prepared by putting him in PJs and "Darf cape".

My little Darth.
He did choose that day to be the bad Darth and not the good one.
You can tell by his pout lips.

The party room was all set up with different stations:
a treat table with Wookiee cookies and Yoda soda,
a Pin-the-lightsaber-on-the-Jedi station,
a Yoda origami table,
a trash compacter (giant cardboard box filled with scrap paper and old call-number cards) to find Luke (a laminated picture of him),
and a station with lightsabers and green balloons to bat at.

When they entered the room fell silent except for Darth's breathing, it was a bit scary! Only one little girl started to cry, and she was under 2, and the rest of the kids were just star struck.

Henry was brave enough to ask to have his pictures with Darth and a storm trooper.

He loved playing, or rather, working with the lightsaber. I don't think he batted at any balloons with it. He spent most of his time pulling it out and putting it back in--I think figuring out how it works.

He did a great job trying to close his eyes as he pinned the lightsaber on Yoda. It was so cute. He got a perfect match! You can see Todd in the background making a Yoda origami.

It was a great party.
Henry couldn't fall asleep for another hour after coming home.
He was too thrilled.

May the 4th be with you.

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Joanna said...

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. :)