Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day and T.A.M.s

What a blessed day Mother's Day is!
I love to remember all the things my mother has taught me:
to clean, iron, bake mint-chocolate brownies (thank you!) among other things,
to care about the world and what's going on in it
to garden
to serve and care about others
to recycle
to read the scriptures
to exercise
to sew
to do my best . . .
Although I have not mastered all these things yet I realize now more than ever before, because I am a mother, how grateful I am for her and for her inexhaustible effort to raise me.
Thank you, Mom, for all you did and do! I love you!!
I'm grateful, too, for my mother-in-law--I could not ask for a better one, I love her so much--and for all the mothers who have influenced who I am today.

It's also a blessed day because now that I'm a mother I am spoiled. This year for breakfast Todd made fantastic omelets, which I ate for both breakfast and lunch--they were so huge and delicious. He let me take a nap after church for 3 hours, and Theo and Henry cooperated. (I really didn't expect to sleep that long!) And he made us fish and chips for dinner and Texas sheet cake for dessert. We totally indulged ourselves and it felt so great. We went for a walk around the village and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It couldn't have been better.

I got a totally awesome card from the boys, it's a hoops and yoyo card that tells me that I'm a "totally" (repeated a dozen times) "awesome" (repeated another dozen times) Mom. "Just one Mom. Totally awesome. You're a T.A.M.: a totally awesome mom!" If you're reading this you're probably a T.A.M., too. Go T.A.M.s!

One thing I did request after church was to take pictures with my boys.

They are so handsome!

And then it turned into a photo shoot of Henry. How could it not? I've wanted to get pictures of him in his new (or newly acquired) suit. This was actually Todd's and I think Henry's absolutely adorable in it. He sports his new saddle shoes and knee socks--which together he calls his rocket boots.


mildred said...

Cute pictures. You are so beautiful, Rachel. I love Henry's shoes too. Where do you find those these days?

Rachel and Todd said...

They are hard to find! You have to find them online--my MIL found these--I'm not sure exactly where but the brand is Willits. They are high quality! So, although they're a bit pricey, they are NICE.

Meg said...

Henry and Theo look so much alike. So cute.

Bonnie said...

That little suit is ridiculously cute. And a 3 hour nap! How luxurious!

Brittney Richards said...

Too cute. You are a T.A.M

Megan Marie said...

Very sweet post, and an adorable, little suit on Henry! What a darling!